Custom Enclosure Integrators

At CEI we build E-houses. CEI is committed to the fabrication and integration of the highest quality, competitively priced electrical power products serving Power Generation, Industrial Manufacturing, Transmission and Distribution markets as well as many others. Utilizing proven design capabilities as well as an extremely capable and highly proficient manufacturing model, CEI has the foundation to quickly become a leader in the Electrical House (E-House) market.

At CEI we create a foundation of trust built on our workforce experience:

  • Talent Utilize various skill sets to deliver quality results at a highly competitive cost.

  • Experience – Knowledge that ensures a focused and collaborative end product to exceed customer expectations.

  • Commitment – To have all products installed to high standards and proper applicable codes

  • Quality Control – Ensure that all products are built to the standards as set out by customer requirements


  • Supply and install or installation of free issue equipment

  • Electrical engineering and installations

  • Certified Electrical Engineer and Electrician on staff.

  • CAD drawings

  • Outdoor Nema rated enclosure fabrication

  • Welding, Paint booth

  • Onsite installation and assembly assistance

  • Onsite commissioning assistance